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Being a "small shop", we work hard to keep up with the "big box shops" and truly appreciate each and every one of our customers.  

Our 30 year anniversary is coming soon - In April 2021, we hope to have  an event or two to celebrate!!   We continue to have an awesome team of employees - Birdie, Axel, Riley, Keith, Maddie, Peighton, Lilly, and Jace.  (College students Ashley and Katie help out during break).  You will see Paul behind the counter or somewhere throughout the store on a daily basis, unless we take a much needed vacation.  Ariel is 23 and currently at  the UofM - we don't ask her to work much, but you might see her once in a while.  NEW family employee -  our son Caleb is 18 and has started working with us.  Suzi, although she has a full-time job, you might see her working on weekends.  Janie and Billy  (Suzi's parents) also make appearances once in a while. Let's not forget our trusty handyman, Uncle Richard! This truly is a family business.  

We work hard and will continue to work hard to make sure our customers are happy and that we represent our community well! 



Looking for a micro-beer? Special Wine? Maybe a liquor from the past - maybe Lime Vodka or Sloe Gin (Yikes)!!  Send us an email at or fill out the fancy form below.

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